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Probate Lawyers Guiding You Through the Complex Legal Process

Helping you through a difficult time

Whether your loved one has passed away with a will, a trust, or no estate plan at all, there are complex court processes and procedures that must be gone through to distribute the assets they left behind and resolve their obligations, and it can be overwhelming to handle it without an experienced attorney in your corner representing you. We will work with you in going through all of this to take the burden off of your shoulders so you can focus on being there for your loved ones and moving on from a difficult loss.

Working through a variety of potential situations

When somebody passes away and you are responsible for their estate, what is required of you can be vastly different depending on what was left behind and how your loved one’s estate was set up. Let our attorneys work with you to help you to the best possible outcome, whether dealing with:

  • Testate succession — Individuals regularly leave behind instructions about what they want to happen and how they want their loved ones taken care of when they pass away, be it through a will, a trust, or some other sort of documentation, and we work on your behalf to ensure that these instructions are honored for the person you cared about.
  • Intestate succession — Even if no estate plan was put in place during the decedent’s lifetime, there are still legal requirements and court processes that must be observed to resolve the estate and protect the next of kin, and we will put our years of experience to use on your behalf to work through the system and fulfill all obligations.
  • Formal administration — We will help you through the legal process as you manage and distribute the assets, and honor the last wishes, of your loved one under the supervision of the court.
  • Summary administration — When a smaller estate was left behind, we can work with you to go through a quicker, more cost-effective version of the probate process so you and your family can put the ordeal behind you and move on with your lives more quickly, while still honoring the memory of the one you lost.
  • Trust administration — Even if the deceased had set up a trust to minimize the involvement of the probate court in supervising assets and their management, there are still legal and technical requirements that must be met, and tax implications that must be considered, which we will guide you through so you can honorably execute your duties as a trustee.

Honoring the wishes of your loved one

When somebody you love has left behind a plan for how to take care of the people and causes that matter to them the most, you just want to ensure that you honor their last wishes. Because this was important to them and is now important to you, we will work closely with you to ensure that their instructions are followed while complying with all the legal requirements that entails. Whether the departed left behind a vast, multi-million dollar estate or just a few simple assets, a sprawling, complex inheritance plan or just a single beneficiary, we will help you through all the legal and logistical issues to make certain that your loved one’s intentions are followed through with.

Resolving the final liabilities of somebody you cared about

When somebody passes away, their estate becomes responsible for their liabilities. You want to do the right thing and honor their debts, but this is often easier said than done. It can be difficult managing the estate to honor these debts, let alone to differentiate between legitimate creditors and people making assertions seeking to get a quick profit. Our experienced attorneys guide you through the process of resolving these liabilities, working within the legal channels to resolve valid debts and litigating when necessary to protect the estate from unsubstantiated claims.

Protecting the beneficiaries left behind

As personal representative of an estate, you owe a duty not just to the deceased, but to the beneficiaries left behind. You need to protect and preserve the assets left to take care of the family and loved ones who are looking to you for guidance and support. This means doing all the small and big things necessary to locate, marshal, and inventory the assets that you were trusted manage so they can be distributed to the people who still need them. We will work with you to safeguard these assets as they work through the proper legal channels to ultimately get where the belong.

Contact probate attorneys who will protect you in a difficult time

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