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Delivering full-service legal support to a wide range of clients

At Korge & Korge, L.L.P. in Coral Gables, our experienced attorneys serve small and large businesses in a complete range of legal matters. Whether you require help with litigation, need tax advice or require assistance with corporate formation, you will receive the same excellent service. We understand the bottom-line concerns of businesses and offer unlimited legal counsel for an affordable monthly retainer fee. You can work with us as you would in-house counsel, consulting us before a problem arises so that you avoid the potential for costly mistakes. Whether you use our monthly retainer or decide on a more traditional hourly or fixed project fee structure, you will receive the seasoned representation you deserve.

Providing comprehensive advice on business formation

The details involved in launching a business can quickly become overwhelming. An experienced business attorney can lighten your burden and guide you through each step of the formation process by addressing all aspects:

  • Creating a legal entity — We will present the advantages and disadvantages of various legal structures for your business, including corporations, partnerships and LLCs. When you have determined which type of entity will work best for you, we will prepare and file the appropriate materials with to execute your decision.
  • Drafting effective bylaws — By working with us to establish comprehensive rules for corporate governance, you will set a strong foundation for future growth. Our firm will help you draft effective bylaws and other corporate documents tailored to your company’s priorities.
  • Advising on tax and license issues — Our attorneys will advise you on establishing a tax status with the IRS, such as an S or C corporation. Thanks to our background and experience, we are also able to help you obtain the whatever licenses and permits may be required to commence operations.

Whether your business is large or small, our firm takes the time to understand your operation and goals so that we can deliver the most effective counsel for the short and long term.

Drafting buy-and-sell agreements and preparing for the future

Early planning can avert confusion and expense later on if a shareholder or partner has to leave the business. We will work with you to create a clear outline in case someone surrenders their ownership suddenly due to illness, divorce or other concerns. By executing a detailed buy-and-sell agreement, you will set rules as to how ownership will be allocated should someone depart.

Guiding businesses and individuals through transactions of all varieties

We will represent you in a broad spectrum of transactions of all complexities. Our work extends to all business sizes and industries, representing large corporations as well as small businesses and individuals. We will help you make critical decisions for your business while addressing legal, regulatory and business issues presented by your transaction. We will provide advice on project developments, mergers, acquisitions and divestitures, restructurings, private offerings, commercial financings and bond transactions, corporate governance, private equity, venture capital and funds, forming investment vehicles and joint ventures, and qualifying tax exempt organizations. In addition, we provide planning assistance and document preparation for large estates, including private foundations.

Conducting thorough contract review and development

Successful business operations depend on negotiating favorable contract terms in a variety of areas. Whether your agreement relates to a business transaction, employment matter, or real estate deal, we will draft and examine contracts thoroughly so that you understand the terms and are not unpleasantly surprised after the contract is signed. Throughout the negotiation process, our firm drives toward consensus while protecting your rights and priorities.

Representing clients in all types of civil litigation

Our experienced attorneys will help your business to operate smoothly during disputes. We handle complex litigation, including appeals, and work closely with other law firms when necessary to make the strongest case possible. We represent companies, shareholders, officers, directors and government bodies, whether plaintiff or defendant.  For breach of contract disputes, tort claims or any other type of civil matter, we will prepare a careful strategy to maximize your chance at a favorable outcome. We will help you avoid unnecessary litigation and frequently bring cases to successful resolutions thorough settlement negotiations and mediation, saving you the time and hassle of a full court proceeding.

Contact dedicated business lawyers who will help you succeed

Korge & Korge, L.L.P. represents South Florida clients in business law, transactions, and a variety of other legal matters. Call us at 305-444-5630 or contact us online to schedule a meeting and discuss how we can help you succeed.


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